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N. Solomon Shorter….I have been a free-lance photographer for more than 40 yrs. I began taking pictures of animals, plants, and other outdoor life. Later, I started taking pictures at birthday parties, sporting events and weddings.

Education: B.A. in Biology,A.S. Medical Technology, and advance degrees in Business Management and Pathology Assistant. My photography skills really took off when I began taking pictures while interning in pathology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL.

As a military retiree, my photographic skills were more enhanced while concentrating and specializing in Airborne, water, and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) photos. These pictures gave me the opportunity to see other parts of nature, and the world from close-up and far away through the eyes of my camera lens.

Since moving to South Florida, I was introduced to, and immersed myself, in the exciting photographic life styles of fashion, art, music, and entertainment, .
Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of photographing notable celebrities like John Amos, TV star of “Good Times” (While I was on military duty-OEF), Clifton Davis, TV show “That’s My Mama”, singer, MYA, and ESPN sports analyst, Tom Jackson. Also, Olivia Newton John, Gloria Gaynor, The Osmond Brothers, and the Beach Boys were exciting to photograph; I look forward to photographing many more .
Please enjoy my website. Afterwards, if you see that I can be of service to your photographic needs, I will welcome your response via e-mail at:

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